It may take the shape of poetry

Trigger warning/suicide

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Praying to the Unicorns? No. Not praying.




Unicorns are as real as Gods and sons of Gods when

your wrists are slit open. When

you are bleeding out. When

there was no other option, no other person, no other thought, feeling, emotion.

Only desperation.

Praying to the Unicorns makes as much sense as accepted nonsense, water to wine, bread and fishes, invisible power listening, caring, allowing pain and


no proof of existence.

Unicorns are as real as Gods and sons of Gods when

you are crawling or curled. When

your body spasms. When


Memory loss and brain fog aren’t just annoying; they are dangerous.

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I'm far too young to be this old.

I started the aging process a bit younger than most. Not only did I have a full hysterectomy in my 30s, jump-starting menopause, but I have done a lot of damage to my body. I started smoking cigarettes when I was ten. I poured a lot of poison down my throat and have put worse into my veins. I began drinking and using drugs at 13. I continued well into my thirties. I no longer use drugs or even drink beyond the occasional glass of wine or bottle of beer. I do…

With a pen in her mouth and ink in her hair?

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What is she doing over there? Eyes glassy. Blank stare? Is that ink in her hair?

Words pressing in her brain. Images went in, they want out again. They are trapped in a prison of fear and shame. The words want out. Now! They are beginning to cause pain.

The small voices speak inside her. They say she is bad; she is wrong, they can’t abide her. She’ll fail. She’ll fall. She’ll stay off the horse. She’ll let it ride her.

Too many years chasing the dragon. The words build and build. She hops on the wagon.

Years and years…

50/100 Words

Thrifty Words 100 #33: Abortion & Fifty Words Theme Challenge #54: Abortion

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I live in Texas. The state that just passed laws that will destroy our nation.

Texas refuses to impose a mask mandate because it is a violation of (men’s) rights. If any county or city requires masks for any event, including school, they can be fined. The school could be fined. The grocery store or movie theater could be fined. I’m proud to say, many Texas schools have done an end-run around this law by making masks a required part of the dress code.

Texas just made voting that much more difficult for people working two jobs, for people…

Personal essay

It was 1791.2 miles away

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The dogs were barking. First that little huffing sound they make when they're alerted to something. Next, full-on bark-howl.

I heard them but rolled over and put my pillow over my head. My husband went to see what the brouhaha was all about. He came back in and got his pants on and said something to me I didn’t understand. Something about a snake or about Nathan. Something else, too. Either red or friend.

I couldn’t tell if there was a boar or a coyote or a red snake or what.

I got out of bed and turned on the…


At least, I’m sure it’s coming

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I haven’t actually lost it yet, but the likelihood I will lose it is very high.

In my country, the United States of America, there are a number of social programs to help low-income people.

I am very low income. And I have a disability.

Since 1995 I have been receiving what is called Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This is income from the government for people with disabilities who are also poor. My disability is my Mental Health. My diagnosis is Major Depressive Disorder and PTSD.

I’ve also worked and paid taxes since 1986.

In my state, Texas, as long…

50/100 Words

Thrifty Words 50th Fifty Words Challenge Winners

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We held a 50th Fifty Words Theme Challenge contest.

It was our normal 50/100 words challenge, but with a twist. The editors were to choose one winner. The winning prize was announced as,

“The winner will be featured in a newsletter and their winning piece will be pinned to the top of TBI for two weeks after. We’ll feature their entry across all social media platforms and do an About Me showcase also featured for a week. The winning author will be responsible for their own bio.”

In the roundup story, I, Jonica, announced there would be a surprise prize…


And it helped

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I’ve done a lot of drugs. And I mean a LOT of drugs. Alcohol, pot, LSD, heroin, meth, PCP, X, kitchen crank, crack cocaine, regular cocaine, and non-prescribed prescription drugs (usually opiates or synthetic opiates). And of course all of the prescribed drugs. I’ve smoked, snorted, and injected whatever I could. My drugs of choice were “yes, please” and “more.”

Usually, I did these drugs as a means of escaping, suppressing, or deadening my fucked up emotions which I now know are a trauma response.

I’ve been pretty open about my triggers and emotions, lately. I wrote some stuff in…

Thrifty Words Roundup

Thrifty Words 100 #29: Triggered Fifty Words Theme Challenge #50: Triggered

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Such a random image isn’t it? So many people have so many different triggers, I thought I’d use something totally random.

I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet.

Here is our round-up of our fiftieth thrifty words 50-word challenge. And, of course, our younger but no less important 100-word challenge.

The editors will review each of the submissions and choose our favorite. We’ve got prizes and surprises coming your way.

Feel free to leave comments under your favorites. The judges are completely bribable and prefer to be under the influence. mean, er, influenced. Yeah.


50 Words

Gaby Rogut

Jonica Bradley

Writer/Painter/Poet/Believes in magic/nature/prays to unicorns/goat expert/bee farmer/mental health advocate/C-PTSD/

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