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Yep. Actual money.

I’m so excited.

Here’s how it will work: The editors will choose an essay topic. Writers will have one week to enter their essay before the deadline. Editors will then deliberate for a week to vote on a winner. The winner will get paid.

We would love to have one of these money essays each week in perpetuity, but only have enough money for 10.

If you would like to see more money essays, you can seriously help by promoting the TBI Ko-fi page, and…

It may take the shape of poetry

Trigger warning/suicide

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Praying to the Unicorns? No. Not praying.




Unicorns are as real as Gods and sons of Gods when

your wrists are slit open. When

you are bleeding out. When

there was no other option, no other person, no other thought, feeling, emotion.

Only desperation.

Praying to the Unicorns makes as much sense as accepted nonsense, water to wine, bread and fishes, invisible power listening, caring, allowing pain and


no proof of existence.

Unicorns are as real as Gods and sons of Gods when

you are crawling or curled. When

your body spasms. When


Memory loss and brain fog aren’t just annoying; they are dangerous.

Lamp posts along a trail in the fog.
Lamp posts along a trail in the fog.
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I'm far too young to be this old.

I started the aging process a bit younger than most. Not only did I have a full hysterectomy in my 30s, jump-starting menopause, but I have done a lot of damage to my body. I started smoking cigarettes when I was ten. I poured a lot of poison down my throat and have put worse into my veins. I began drinking and using drugs at 13. I continued well into my thirties. I no longer use drugs or even drink beyond the occasional glass of wine or bottle of beer. I do…

With a pen in her mouth and ink in her hair?

Headstone in a cemetery reads “Cast a cold Eye, On Life On Death. Horseman pass by -W.B. Yeats”
Headstone in a cemetery reads “Cast a cold Eye, On Life On Death. Horseman pass by -W.B. Yeats”
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What is she doing over there? Eyes glassy. Blank stare? Is that ink in her hair?

Words pressing in her brain. Images went in, they want out again. They are trapped in a prison of fear and shame. The words want out. Now! They are beginning to cause pain.

The small voices speak inside her. They say she is bad; she is wrong, they can’t abide her. She’ll fail. She’ll fall. She’ll stay off the horse. She’ll let it ride her.

Too many years chasing the dragon. The words build and build. She hops on the wagon.

Years and years…


Studying investing and cryptocurrency

I love learning new things. To that end, I have been reading articles here on with my two trusty dictionaries beside me. The Decryptionary and Investopedia. Of course, my Google search bar is just a window away.

The latest word I had to look up was fiat. I researched this article. I had fiats on the brain. So much so that when it came to offering up this week’s micro-story writing prompt in the publication I help to edit, The Bad Influence, I used Fiat. If you like writing prompts, feel free to come to check out some of…

Essay Contest

Incite Change Essay Contest #1: Poverty

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OK. Sorry, not sorry. That title is definitely clickbait. We have not yet chosen a winner.

This is the roundup of all the wonderful essays submitted for the first-ever monthly essay contest. We editors will need to deliberate to vote the winner. It’s going to be tough! We’ll definitely need a week to choose.

The winner will be announced on the 21st of April. Meanwhile, please read all the essays and comment below. Pick your favorites and see if we agree.

You may find some editors have also written on poverty. Not to worry. We are writers and will write…

50 Words 100 Words

Thrifty Words 50 #33 & 100 #12: Fiat

Royal decree from King Carl Johan of Sweden, warning the Norwegians against the repercussions for illegaly celebrating the 17th of May (Constitution Day) in 1828. Rescript from the Parliamentary Archives, Oslo. Photo by Bjoertvedt on Wikimedia

I’ve been studying a lot lately. I’ve gone “back to school” to learn as much as I can about the financial market. Investing, the language surrounding investing, and cryptocurrency. I see cryptocurrency as the future of money.

There are so many words that appear to be English, but in investment jargon do NOT mean what they usually mean. Candlestick, for example, is not something in which you place a candle, but a fancy word for a specific type of graph.

Another word I recently learned is fiat. I mean, I know what fiat means, by declaration or decree, and I…

Or at least for the rest of your writing career

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What qualifies me to teach?

I have very little formal education. I am primarily self-taught with many years of teaching experience.

I taught English, Essay Writing, and 7th-grade Math to adult GED students. I also taught Reading and Writing to English Second Language students. I taught Creative Writing in a men’s home. There, my students were serving out their jail sentence in a halfway house. These students were not in my class voluntarily. We still had a lot of fun, and I think they learned a bit.

“How to” not “what to”

I am still learning and honing my craft…

Essay Contest

Incite Change Essay Contest #1: Poverty

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She sighs as she looks at the nearly empty tube of toothpaste. Instead of squeezing out the last bits of paste or cutting open the tube to scrape the scraps, she runs hot water over her empty toothbrush. This is the second day in a row she’s gone toothpaste-less. It’s only the second week of the month and she’s already spent her $ 50.00 worth of food stamps which doesn’t cover non-food items like toothpaste, anyway. She won’t get her SSI check until the first.

This month his check went to pay rent and the phone bill. Next month it…

Jonica Bradley

Writer/Painter/Poet/Believes in magic/nature/prays to unicorns/goat expert/bee farmer/mental health advocate/C-PTSD/

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